Who am I?!

I’m an ex-high school teacher from Brooklyn. The way we do everything has drastically changed over the years. But the method of education remains the same.

Back in the mid 90’s I had my first experience with a technology product designed for the classroom in the form of an interactive whiteboard. I struggled with it initially but sooner than later I realized what an asset it was. I had to prepare my lecture once and I could use it for years. I had access to un-ending content literally at my fingertips. A gang infested school, my class attendance shot up vertically and for the first time there we were actually able to gain and retain student interest.

I’ve recently started a little business of my own, working as a technology consultant for K12 and higher ed schools, directing them towards solutions that create a optimized learning environment which both teacher and student can enjoy.

This blog and my review website are small projects that keep me busy and in touch with educators such as myself.

I hope that the knowledge I share can be of benefit to you!